Implementation Phase 2.1.4

Instructor Qualifications Process

Induction Course Developer is a highly skilled technology person who is well trained in Moodle course creation. The instructor needs to be able to work flexibly with the teachers, administrators and staff personel involved in the Induction training process. The Induction Course Developer needs to be visionary and able to implement the district's strategic goals. The Induction Course Developer needs to build a bridge between the good work of the induction team and the future goals for the district. The Induction Course Developer needs to be highly motivated to complete the work in a timely fashion. The Induction Course Developer needs to have enough time allocated to complete the project without interferring with the developers regular duties.

Instructors for the New Teacher Induction week are the selected staff members of the Induction Team. These are tenured teachers whose skill in working with new staff is highly valued by the district.

The team includes several administrators who also serve as Subject Matter Experts for portions of the week long program. 

Guest Speakers from the administrative staff also address new teachers reguarding required paperwork for distirct employement, health care and certification.

Guest Speakers are also sought from the technology department to help facilitate the technology training. This will include the technology director, the database manager and the technology specialist.

Induction Team Members 2007

Dr. Donovan Mann, Assistant Superintendent

Kelly Cartwright, Principal
Brownstown Elementary 

Rick Jones, Grade 5
Leola Elementary 

Ed Beakley, Grade 5
Smoketown Elementary

Ramon Rivera, Science, Seventh Grade Red Team Leader
Middle School

Andy Zellers,Technology Education Grade 7 and 8
Middle School 

Matt Trout, Subject Area Supervisor for Physical Education
High School

Guest Speakers for Induction 2007

Dan Daneker and Mardy McGaw Secondary Technology Presentation

Dr. Michael Young - Assistant Superintendent

Doug Stoner - Technology Director

Piloting the course

The course will be piloted this year during the induction training week.

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Timeline and Cost Analysis

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