Project Draft

Inductional Training Manual Online - Moodle

A. Describe Problem:
The Assistant Superintendent would like an online teacher induction manual to correlate with the induction training week for new teaching staff. Creating an online course to house materials that can be updated and maintained for new staff to access both during the training week and at a future time of need is his vision.

These documents and training sessions could also be available to those teachers who were not able to attend the induction training week session. He is very interested in pursuing a “paperless” initiative from the district goals for this year. 

B. Who will be involved? The Moodle Course will be developed by a technology specialist. The information will be supplied by t
he Induction Team which is comprised of several teachers and administrators who are Subject Matter Experts (SME). The technology specialist will also include some podcasting of the SME lectures.

C. Technologies to be utilized: Moodle is a course management system that is utilized by our district to facilitate technology use with current teaching practices.  The ability to access this information 24/7 from anywhere is the motivating factor in the implementation of this type of system. The modeling of this type of teaching tool (MOODLE) is also hoped to inspire greater usage of this technology tool among the new teaching staff.  

D. Time line for implementation: Project was initiated in June and the project development will continue through the Induction Week of training in mid August with a review of the course in the next June to prepare for the next year of Induction Training.