Evaluation Phase 2.3.1

Survey of Participants

Survey Monkey will be used to ascertain the needs of new teachers. This survey will be used as helpful in revising the Moodle website information as well as the technology presentation for the next year's program.

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Reflective Meeting and Planning for Redesign

Meet with the Induction Team in June to update their resources housed on the Moodle site

Meet with the Assistant Superintendant and the lead administrator on the Induction Team to evaluate the program.

Reflection on the ISD Model.

           The use of Moodle as a technology tool for the development of this project meets the district's strategic goal of a paperless environment. The ability of the Moodle tool to maintain information in a digital format and allow for easy updating of the documents without creating a need for reprinting of the notebook or the handout materials is the beauty of the Course Management Tool. Teachers are able to access the documents at any time during and after the week long workshop. The teachers expressed an interest in revisiting the information and having it provided in an easily accessible format. This Induction Course also promotes the use of Moodle as a teaching tool that can be used in the classroom or for the adminitstration for items like a faculty manual or faculty meeting documents.

The ability to access the CV technology resources in an integrated technology environment that could be made easily accessible to all new staff members is the goal of this project. It maybe helpful for the future to transfer the Moodle technology workshop module from the Induction Training Week Moodle Course and feature it in a Moodle course by itself.

This Technology Course could then be accessible to all teaching staff also outside the induction week training. This information is important for everyone on the staff and the access to the manuals and online tutorials could benefit the entire staff.  

My interest in seeking a major project for complementing my practicum/ portfolio made me the catalyst for the solution to this problem. My background in Moodle, my connections with the technology staff and the interest of my assistant superintendent to create the project were fortuitous for myself as well as the district.

The detailed focus of the ISD model allowed me to review each section of the induction training model. I was prepared to put the effort and energy into the production of this course but the ISD model enabled me to focus on the needs of the staff and evaluate the entire process. The need for teacher training is always at the forefront of our district in-service plans but the ability to focus on a need and structured method to determine needs has been made clearer to me. 

THE ISD MODEL : Analysis of the needs of the participants, the analysis of the tasks to be focused on, the design of the outcomes and the review of the learner, the development of the project, the implementation, the evaluation and the review.

Each step has its own importance and it is helpful to use a systematic review to truly understand the needs and to remember the goals of the project. It accurately helps the developer to understand the need for the use of district funds or district talents or district facilities.