Analysis Phase 2.1.1

Gap Analysis

New teachers are hired for the district each year and they need to be given information on our district's goals, practices and operations especially the technologies available to each new teacher.

Many new teachers attend a new teacher induction training week but up to 50% of new staff employed by the district do not have this opportunity due to the nature of the hiring process. This year, as of September 2007, 35 positions had been filled and only 22 of those new hires were able to attend the Induction Week Technology Training Session held on Wednesday. Other new teaching staff are hired by the district throughout the school year.

The technology session information is needed by 100% of new teaching staff.

The district goal's, practices and operations are informational pieces that are necessary to all district staff and could be made available to every staff member.

The week of induction training has recently been restructured to better meet the strategic goals of the district.

Problem Statement

1.    The information presented at the induction training week has value for the 100% of new teaching staff and can be used more than just for the one week in the year we hold induction training.

2. 50% of new teachers are hired at different times of the school year and therefore the important information reviewed during induction week training eludes up to 50% of the districts new hires.

3. Only 62% of this years 35 new district hires were inserviced on the technology resources provided by the district during the induction technology session.

4. The traditional paper notebook does not allow for a flexible delivery and access process for the new teaching staff.

Root Cause Analysis

The need for a change of format from prior years was a directive from the administration and the outcomes of our distict's strategic planning committee. The evaluation of the inductees from previous years' and the evaluation of the strategic planning committees helped to refocus the induction training week format. New Teachers are hired throughout the school year. These new hires are still in need of the information presented during induction week training especially the technology user information. The training could be made available in an online course.

Needs Analysis 1.3

1. Utilization of the CV Moodle Server and the Courseware would be a tool for the implementation of this online process.

2. The information should be delivered in a format that allows new staff to access the information from anywhere. Forms, document, links to important programs like the Grading Program and other district initiatives would be included.

3. SME – Subject Matter Experts have created documents to contribute to the resources but currently lack the technological ability or the time to create the Moodle Course.

4. Capturing audio of the presentations and featuring it on the Induction Moodle site would facilitate the non attending new hires access to the information.

5. Podcasting of other speakers such as the Library Department would further the Induction Teams goal of a concise focus.