Design Phase 2.1.2


Terminal Objectives:
Upon completion of this workshop:

New Teachers will be able to assess the availablity of technology resources available through the CV district technology services.

New Teachers will be aware of tools of assessment that are available to improve instructional planning, management and implementation of learning strategies.

New Teachers will be able to enforce classroom procedures that guide students’ safe and healthy use of technology that comply with legal and professional responsibilities.

New teachers will implement procedures that are consistent with district and school policies that protect the privacy and security of student data and information.  


Enabling Objectives:  

New Teachers will be given instruction in Building Computer Lab Usage Policies and District Internet Policies.

New Teachers will gain access to :

          - CV Network Access
myLearning Plan  
          - CV Staff Page

          - CV email through Outlook and Webmail
          - Sapphire Gradebook / Parent Portal
          - OnHand Learning 
          - Services offered by IU#13

Assessing the Student's Mastery

Survey New Teachers to ascertain their level of confidence and their need for further technology training. A survey will be completed at the end of the session or the end of the day for the induction team.  New Teachers who do not attend the induction week can also be surveyed to evaluated their needs for further instruction or inservice.

See the below file for current survey questions. This survey was given using Survey Monkey.

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Determining Learner Characteristics

New Teachers in a K-12 public school environment. The approximate age of the learner is 21-65.

New Teachers to the district have varied Learner Characteristics and varied computer skills. 

New Teachers have a need for the technology information in the presentation to be successful in accessing district technologies including network access, email and gradebook functions. 

Giving Students Adequate Practice

New Teachers who attend induction week training will participate in a 3 hour training session held in the high school computer lab.

New Teachers will be given time during the New Teacher Induction Week to test their skills and ask questions. The mentors will play a role in helping to facilitate questions the New Teacher may have accessing the basic technologies.

New Teachers that are hired after the induction Week may work with their mentors to test their knowledge.

Based upon open the ended question in the survey results, inservice opportunities will be provided during teacher preparation time at individual school buildings. This may include further training in areas convered in the induction training or new technologies that will be on interest to staff.