Development Phase 2.1.3

Development Phase

Teachers will vary in age, background and previous computer experience.

Teachers have in common a desire to become familar with the technology tools available to them.

Teachers will complete the online Moodle Technology Module as a part of the Induction Training Week or

Teachers will complete the training individually with the guidance of a mentor.

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Delivery System

Moodle Course for Technology as a part of the Induction Week Training   Professional Development, Induction.

Development  Data and Project Gantt Chart

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Review of Course Material

Please utilize the CV STAFF Page to access the online manual for each district program or utilize the VTC training tools for Step by Step directions for task within a software program like Microsoft Word or Outlook, etc...

Completed survey results will encourage a formulated technology inservice plan for new teaching staff.

Further inservice training can also be requested through the CV Technology Department.