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Thanks to ...

Projects of this size are never done alone so I woud like to thank the following people for their support.

Dr. Mann - thank you for the opportunity to work so hard on a project I throughly enjoyed and learned so much in creating. The challenge was fantastic.

Dave Solon for your belief in my ablities and your willingness to share equipment for the project!

Kelly Cartwright for your attention to detail and your motivating interest in the outcome of the project.

The Induction Team Members, Rick, Andy, Ramon, Ed and Matt. Thank you for graciously sharing your work to be included in the Moodle Site! You are great SME's and the nicest people to work with!

Dan Daneker for your help in creating a teacher worksheet on the spot during the training session! Your talents with technology tools are impressive.

Thank you to Cheryl Cap. for helping me through this ISD process. You helped me reflect and understand so much more than just this project. Thank you.

Thank you to my Husband and my son who did not cringe too often when I spent hours on Moodle or Weebly doing "my homework"